Why We’re Needed

OUR MISSION:  To provide nonviolent direct action training, campaign support, and community organizing tools to support indigenous communities taking action in defense of their homelands. 

The Indigenous Peoples’ Power Project (IP3) is committed to training a new generation of young Indigenous leaders from across the continent, who are bringing innovation, creativity and inspiration to their struggles to keep their homelands from becoming wastelands. These activists are simultaneously fighting against exploitation, and promoting viable solutions in their communities, including biodiesel and vegetable oil technologies, wind power, and other sustainable energy sources.

Their integration of modern technologies in problem solving is grounded in their commitment to maintaining Indigenous traditions, languages and cultures. IP3 is proud and privileged to be working with these emerging leaders, their organizations and constituencies to help build capacity through training, and actions support to build a new tomorrow.

Expert and culturally-sensitive trainings are needed now more than ever, as the local and state governments are using increased bail and increased charges (including felony charges) to scare people away from peaceful protests and their constitutional rights. Intimidation, surveillance, and state repression are escalating, and as Indigenous peoples are most at risk, it is imperative to have Indigenous trainers steering the action.